Impact® 640 Paint Sprayer

Impact® 640 Paint Sprayer


Designed to

consistently deliver

up to 125 Imp. Gals

per week.


  • Designed to apply all stains, lacquers, enamels, latex and all other low and medium viscosity coatings
  • Equipped with digital technology for improved efficiency
  • Made to consistently spray 62½ to 125 Imp. gallons per week
  • Excellent for medium residential and commercial jobs
  • Comes with LX-80II gun, #517 TR1 reversible tip and ¼” x 50′ airless hose
  • Sureflo™ Pusher Valve lets you release a stuck lower ball valve without using a hammer
  • DuraLife™ brushless HE motor (available on select units)
  • Lifetime cylinder that never needs replacing
  • AutoOiler™ allows you to deliver oil from the reservoir directly to the packings with a push of a button
  • Best and longest warranty in the industry

Model:                                  805-002 – Impact 640 on skid frame/805-004 – High rider
Motor:                                  110 volt, 1½ HP capacitor start, DCX
Paint delivery:                    .7 USGPM/.58 Imp.GPM/2.65 litres
Hose Included:                   50 feet (15¼m) x ¼”, rated for 3600 p.s.i. working pressure
Skid:                                     Tubular steel construction
Maximum Tip Size:           .027″
Maximum Pressure:         3300 PSI
Maximum Hose Length:   300′ (61½ m)
Maximum Cord Length:   300′ 
Gun Included:                      LX-80II 
Reversible Tip Included:   #517
Dimensions:                        N/A
Shipping Dimensions:       N/A
Weight:                                 805-002 – 42 lbs. (19Kg); 805-005 – 69 lbs. (31-1/3Kg)
Shipping Weight:                805-002- 48 lbs. (21¾Kg); 805-005 – 76 lbs. (34½Kg)
Warranty:                             4 year Mfg defect, Limited Lifetime DCX Motor, Lifetime Drivetrain,                                   



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