Float Switches

Float Switches


Attaches to most any pump

           up to ½HP



  • Allows manual pumps up to ½HP (or 13 Amps) to operate automatically.
  • Designed to extend pump life and prevent pumps from overheating when running dry.
  • Suitable for applications where pumps aren’t manned or monitored.
  • Most commonly used with our 6 and 8 series models.
  • Heavy duty contacts.
  • Includes piggyback receptacle…plug into outlet and plug pump into it.
  • Can disconnect at any time, to enable manual pump operation.
  • Can be mounted away from  pump for more versatility.
  • Epoxy sealed switch and cord conductors.
  • Adjustable pumping range.

Model/Catalogue Number: RFSN-6 (599118);  RFSN-9 (599117)
Electrical Requirements: Maximum 115 Volt, 13 Ampere, ½ horsepower
On Level: Maximum pumping height of your pump
Off Level:
Recommended not lower than 2 ” above pump base
Maximum Liquid Temp: 140°F (60°C)
Power Cord: RFSN-6 – 10′ (3m); RFSN-9 – 15′ (4½m)
Dimensions (Dia x H): 3.04 x 3.56″ (77 x 91mm)
Shipping Dimensions: 4½ x 8 x 6″ (11½ x 20 x 15cm)
Weight: 1 lb 8oz (650g)
Shipping Weight: 1 lb 12 oz (800g)
Warranty: 1 year from Deltaquip’s invoice date



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