Sanding Screen

Sanding Screen




Screens for rotary sanders.



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Diameters range from 12” through 22” in 1” increments.                                     Silicon carbide, interwoven polyester knit backing, abrasive both sides              Most 175 RPM rotary floor maintenance machines                                                      60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180 and 220                                                                                     Norton, CCI

Which screen is right for you?

After having sold sandpaper since 1973, we have concluded that in more ways than one, choosing the right sanding screen is influenced by the type of surface being sanded.

There are two external factors that determine a screen’s lifespan. The first is screen wear. Some floor finishes contain abrasive-resistant materials for a longer lasting product, which when sanded, tend to shorten the lifespan or prematurely wear out screens. On the other hand, sanding bare wood such as fir or oak results in less wear. The other factor is material  build-up, such as finishes, oils, paints or waxes. The heat created by sanding these materials often causes them to soften and ‘cake’ onto the screen, clogging its abrasive surface, thus diminishing its life. For these reasons, one may prefer to use lower grade screens for the initial passes, since the screen may possibly have to be discarded due to material build-up rather than wear.

With two grades of screen to choose from, workers can either use professional grade products or a more economically priced alternative if screening smaller areas.


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