Leister Triac ST Welding Tool

Leister Triac ST Welding Tool



Our most popular selling hand-held welder since 1986



  • Ergonomic cylinder/hand grip design
  • Built to last for years with minimal amount of maintenance
  • Infinitely variable heat settings
  • Large variety of nozzles offered
  • Quick clean air filters
  • Electronic heating element protection
  • Multiple replacement of motor brushes possible
  • Motor slows then eventually shuts off when brush wear nears critical stage
  • Heat protection surrounds adapter tube
  • Several internal components designed to assist in preventing element from overheating 
  • Double insulated for greater user protection

Model Number: Triac ST
Motor Specs: 120 Volts, 1600 Watt, 60 Hz, 13A (req’d for max temp setting)
Operating Temperature: 40- 700°C
Air Flow: 230 litres per minute @ 20°C
Noise level: 65dB
Static Pressure: ca. 3000 (30 mbar)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 13½” (34cm) long x 3¾” (9cm) diameter (Barrel size is approx. 2¼” (5½cm)
Shipping Dimensions: 21¾” (55cm) long x 8″ (20cm) wide x 5½” (14cm) high
Weight: 3 lbs. (1.4Kg.) with 3m cord/7 lbs. (3¼Kg.) with transport case
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs. (3½Kg.) with case
Warranty: 1 year parts only. No warranty on element.

Our relationship with Leister Process Technologies dates back to 1986, when we began distributing the Triac and Ghibli tools. Soon afterwards, we added the Varimat, Universal and Variant, while furthering our expertise with the line by attending Leister’s training centre in Switzerland. We carry a large array of replacement parts, should your tools require service. Leister tools are designed to withstand rugged use by contractors and will provide many years of service when maintained properly. Avoid sudden movement such as dropping or throwing, since heating element integrity is most vulnerable when running at high temperatures. When shutting off any hot air tool, remember to turn the heat off and run the fan for about two minutes to allow the element to cool properly. Blow forced air through the cooled down motor and element housings periodically, to keep the internal components running at peak performance.   

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