For Concrete Slab Dying Patterns

For Concrete Slab Dying Patterns

    Analogue gauge

measures up to 20%

  moisture content



  • Patented non-invasive electromagnetic wave technology
  • Ideal for a variety of concrete slab dying patterns
  • Will measure other materials with similar densities
  • Used where accuracy to within a 10th of a % is not required
  • Teflon® abrasion pad protects sensor plate from abrasive surfaces
  • Measurement scale from 0-20
  • Analog display provides fast readings
  • Smart auto shutdown after 60 seconds saves battery life
  • Low battery indicator light
  • Compact, rugged pocket-size design with sturdy plastic case
  • User friendly single button operation for on/off and species settings

Model/Item Number:
C 575/890-57501-001-C
Moisture Detection: 0 to 20%
Material Measured: Concrete slab dying patterns
Scanning Area: 1½ x 2½ x ¾” (38 x 64 x 19mm)
Scanning Depth: ¾” (19mm)
Power: 9 Volt alkaline battery (included) or Ni Cad rechargeable
Shut Down System: Automatically shuts down after 60 seconds
Frame: Lightweight plastic
Accessories: Cloth pouch with loop and instructional CD included
Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.56 x 2¾ x 1.0625” (116 x 70 x 27mm)
Shipping Dimensions: 6 x 2½ x 5″ (153 x 58 x 128mm)
Weight: .37 lbs (170g) with battery
Shipping Weight: 1 lb (450g)
Warranty: 1 year on materials and workmanship


Readings from concrete moisture meters should NEVER be used to determine if a concrete slab is dry enough to install a floor covering. It is suggested that ASTM F2170 relative humidity testing methods be used to determine if the floor is ready for floor covering.

Objects such as rebar or metal screening situated close to the surface being measured, can cause high readings. In such cases, move the meter to several areas for more comparisons.

The C575 does not measure vapor pressure or pounds of water per square foot, etc.

The only replacement part available for these meters is the Teflon® pad, which should be replaced either when the edges or corners loosen, or when worn through to the sensor.


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