10″ Rad Edger

10″ Rad Edger


The 10″ radiator edger allows the operator to put slightly more pressure on the sanding disc, while still offering the ability to use either 5 or 7″ discs.



  • Polished aluminum alloy housing
  • Utilizes Makita’s model GV7000C sander body
  • Vacuum-ready exhaust port for better dust control
  • Variable motor speed with ‘lock-on’ button near switch
  • Non-marking polyethylene wheels leave minimal traces on floors
  • Side handle may be positioned on left or right side of tool
  • Deflector keeps hot air from motor away from operator’s hands
  • Uses 5 x 7/8″ or 7 x 7/8″ plain backed discs (optional hook ‘n loop system available)
  • Comes with carrying case

Model Number:                 Motor Amps/Volts:         Sanding Pad Speed:         Disc Size:                            Hose:                              Power Cable:                     Wheels:                              Dimensions (unit):      Shipping Dims w/case: Weight (unit only):          Ship Weight (w/case): Warranty:

DRE10                                                                                                                                                      120 Volt, 7.9 Ampere, DC, 50-60 Hz                                            
Variable from 2500 R.P.M. to 4700 R.P.M.                                                                    
5″ or 7″ Diameter (128 or 180mm) with 7/8″ (19mm) centre hole                                                             5′ extended or 2’4″ collapsed X 1½” diameter                                                                                         8′ (2.44m) black rubber                                                                                                                      Metal caster type with polyurethane wheels                                                                                        20½” (52cm) Long X 6″ (15¼cm) Wide X 8¾” (22¼cm) High                                                              22″ (56cm) Long x 10″ (25½cm) Wide x 9¼” (23½cm) High                                                                    12 lbs. (5½ Kg)                                                                                                                                        14.3 lbs. (6½ Kg)                                                                                                                                    1 year parts and labour






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