Ultimate™ Adhesive Remover

Ultimate™ Adhesive Remover





  • Removes wet and cured urethane adhesive from the surface of pre-finished wood flooring
  • Residue free
  • Applies with rag
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Low odor
  • Water rinsable

Product Name: Ultimate™ Adhesive Remover 
Type: Liquid formulation
Flash Point: >200°F (93.3°C)
Flammability: Non-flammable
Ingredients: Dimethyl Glutarate (1119-40-0); Dimethyl Adipate (627-93-0)
VOC Content: <10g/L 
Packaging: 32 ounce (.946 litre)
Weight: .91 Kg (2 Lbs)

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