8” X 29½” Cloth belts

8” X 29½” Cloth belts



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8″ X 29½” (203mm X 483mm)

Grades available:

Zirconia & aluminum oxide cloth backed (longest lasting); Starcke brand belts manufactured in Germany, SIA brand Aluminum oxide cloth backed (moderate duty); SIA brand Silicon carbide resin cloth (economical); CCI brand

Grits Available:

16, 20, 24, 36, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 120

Machines used:

Hummel HK8, Clarke Floor Crafter, Apollo 8, Classic 8, K & T, Galaxy

Since 1973, Deltaquip has supplied the professional trades with abrasives from discs to sheets and everything in between.  Several criteria are commonly used to determine which brand or quality of product to use, including thickness, area and type of material to be removed as well as budget.

Two major factors determine a belt’s lifespan. The first is belt wear. Some finishes contain exceptionally durable materials, which when sanded, tend to shorten the lifespan or prematurely wear out belts. On the other hand, sanding bare wood such as fir or oak results in less wear. The other factor is material  build-up, such as finish, oil, paint or wax. The heat created by sanding these materials often causes them to fuse or cling to the abrasive surface, diminishing its effectiveness. For these reasons, one may prefer to use lower grade belts for the initial passes or sandings, since the belt might have to be discarded due to material build-up rather than wear.

With three grades of belt to choose from, Professional Floor Refinishers can choose between longer lasting belts and more economically priced alternatives when these factors are a concern.



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